Business Development Consultant

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Conder Consultants ltd
  • Expert contribution to the development process: We analyse your product, customers and competition.

    We will help you to showcase your startup or relook your ongoing business with quality photography, graphics and code, converting your valuable online visits into new customers.

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  • 'SEO' search engine optimisation solutions giving results on major search engines, social networks and directories.

    Our white hat SEO and referencing services are well known for placing a start up on the internet or pushing a brand up the rankings with the correct choice of keywords and linking tactics.

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  • Website maintenance including ongoing optimisation services, updates and cost-effective management solutions.

    We believe that running a website is best left to professionals, so why not leave that side of the job to us, while you focus on your core day to day business.

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website, blog, social network or digital signage ?

Our service includes consultancy work, for both startups and growing companies, from the development of the website to the optimisation of the online business.

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