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Conder Consultants ltd
  • We offer:

    1/ 15 years of experience.
    2/ Responsive websites, office, tablet, mobile ..
    3/ Graphic design from paper to Inkscape & Fireworks
    4/ Frontend hand coded in HTML5 CSS3 JQuery/Javascript.
    5/ Web 2.0 backoffice CMS wordpress platforms.
    6/ A friendly and straightforward approach.
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  • Conder Consultants Ltd will first analyse your product, customers and competition giving us a clear understanding of your establishment and the model for your website's design specifications.

    When the project draft, planning sheet, pricing and contracts have been signed, we will register your chosen domain name (subject to availability) and reserve your web space hosting with a professional website server.

  • Based on design, graphic and content Conder Consultants Ltd will next develop the website structure, graphics, content and layout to produce a template.

    When this template has been approved, we will then continue the development of your project to a fully functional website. So generating an eye catching sales and marketing tool to attract future and returning customers to your products.

Hello we develop websites.

Our services include consultancy work, for both large and small companies.

From the development strategy of your latest online business.

To the relooking of your aged internet presence.

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